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Send form data to CGI script

I have a server-side CGI script that receives form data from a client-side HTML form in order to upload a client-side file to the server. The server CGI code is infrastructure that I can't change, so suggestions to use a different mechanism aren't real useful. I would like to replace the client-side HTML code with CrossUI display elements and code. Is there an example or any guidance on how to do this?

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V2 status

What is the current status of version 2 and all the example and new start project pages.

Mine is not in a good state, the licence is accepted but still shows unregistered, retries state it is already registered. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, taken file from GIT but it is definitely confused. What is the best way to fix this.

Projects I have converted seem okay but are not right, getting errors.

Uncaught TypeError: o.__gc ...
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Costom Cell's Editor Control

xui.Class('App', 'xui.Module',{
iniComponents : function(){
// [[Code created by CrossUI RAD Studio
var host=this, children=, append=function(child){children.push(child.get(0));};

.setCaption("Customize Cell's Editor")



{ ...
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draggable SVG rect and xui 2.0a

Why this code doesn't work with 2.0 ?
but it works with 1.4

It must set new left and top position of the SVG rectangle

// The default code is a module class (inherited from xui.Module)
// Ensure that all the value of "key/value pair" does not refer to external variables
xui.Class('App', 'xui.Module',{
// Dependency classes
// Required modules

// To initialize properties
properties : {},

// To initialize instance(e.g. properties)
initialize ...
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Make a container position draggable

How to make a Group (or possibly a panel) movable by the user by dragging?
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Fusion Charts "onDataClick" Event

...doesn't fire.

The "onFusionChar"t event does work.

Ver 1.42LTS
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ComboList Control

Assume an existing populated ComboList; Can you show examples of:

1) Add an item to the list
2) Remove an item from the list
3) Clear the list
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Real code version

Can anyone write this out as normal code. I can't get the syntax right as it is a window in a window and refuses to accept "main"

xui.ComFactory.newCom("App.userPrefs",function(){ ????????????????

The code auto generated work a treat (shown below) I know I don't need the conditions part


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Panel user stretchable

I have a panel that contains a grid control. I want the user to be able to stretch the panel's width and height and the grid size should follow to fill the panel. Is there a property for this?
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File Upload IAjax

I am unable to get IAjax to upload a file. I have tried regular Ajax with the File Combo box but that doesnt work for web application. I'm using the IAjax example from the Cookbook in chapter 4.5.2 page 109. I have over 20,000 lines of code so I'm only posting the sections that are specific to this issue. Basically, the "if(file)" condition is always false.

.setCaption("STEP 1: ...
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