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File Upload IAjax

I am unable to get IAjax to upload a file. I have tried regular Ajax with the File Combo box but that doesnt work for web application. I'm using the IAjax example from the Cookbook in chapter 4.5.2 page 109. I have over 20,000 lines of code so I'm only posting the sections that are specific to this issue. Basically, the "if(file)" condition is always false.

.setCaption("STEP 1: ...
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TreeView branch selected color

When you unfold a TreeView branch, the branch's background color changes to the "Selected" color (blue-gray). This over-rides any color coding that might have been programmatically applied to the branch. How can I make sure that the desired color stays applied when a tree branch is selected/unfolded.
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New error in Ver 1.42

I'm getting these errors when my app starts in Ver 1.42, which I just installed:

Denying load of chrome-extension://ipdmoohkhghlcnojehgiodchpiphjbkh/logo256.png. Resources must be listed in the web_accessible_resources manifest key in order to be loaded by pages outside the extension.

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FAILED

I don't recall seeing these errors in the previous version. Does this look like something I might be doing?
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Fusion Charts Trial

How to remove the 'Fusion Charts XT Trial' watermark on the chart displays?

Also, there are many additional chart types in the menu that display as "Unsupported Type". How to support these types?
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Delete branches in treeView

How do you remove a branch/all branches in a treeView?
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beforeHoverEffect problem

I have a treeGridControl inside a pane. The grid's beforeHoverEffect event fires when the mouse enters/leaves via the header area. Entering/leaving the grid from any of the other 3 sides doesn't fire the event.
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Page loading animation and text

When the app is loading and before it starts, an animation "......" with a text line above it is displayed. How can I change the text and the animation image?
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Adding a Leaflet marker using a button on click event

Hi everybody

I'm wanting to expand on the leaflet example in the code snaps section here. --------------------- My project is here.

How can I add this code L.marker().addTo(map) to a buttons on click event in order to add a leaflet marker to the map using a button.

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Mouse right-click

How to detect it?
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Launch debugger on app startup

I want to launch the debugger automatically when my app startup code executes, and then break on a line in that code. I tried putting a breakpoint in the startup code, but that doesn't work. I also tried adding a "debugger;" statement at the beginning of the startup code with no success. What's the proper way to launch the debugger at startup and have it break on a line in my startup code?
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