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Resizer, resize flags

We have a requirement for the Resizer control to only allow resizing in certain directions. As a work around I was able to add the notion of "resizeFlags" and enhance Resizer's _onDragstop function to obey these flags:

/************** Fix resizer to check if resize flags are set ************/
xui.UI.Resizer._onDragstop = function (profile, e, src, args) {
var cssPos, size, pos, o = profile.proxy;

if (!args.move)
size = { width: o.width() - profile.o_w, height: o.height() ...
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Range control with floating point values

We have a requirement for the range control to allow floating point values, perhaps this can be a configuration on the Range control?
As a workaround we are able to get the desired functionality by removing Math.floor from Range._ondrag and Range.onDragstop:

/************ Fix range to allow floating point ********/
xui.UI.Range.$Behaviors.IND2.onDragstop = function (profile, e, src) {
var p =,
box = profile.boxing(),
rate = profile._rate,
d = xui.DragDrop.getProfile(),
arr = p.$UIvalue.split(':');
profile._v2 ...
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appendBefore and appendAfter

We need the ability to append before or after a control, instead of simply appending at the end of the control list. I could not find a way to do this with the APIs available. I came up with the following workaround to add this functionality until this feature makes it's way into the base system. Basically I added appendBefore and appendAfter functions, copied the append function (from xui-debug) and replaced the "append" call with ...
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Input placeholder

Please add a place holder for the Input control. I was able to work around this locally by doing:

Code: Select all
    placeholder: {
        ini: '',
        action: function (value) {
            this.getSubNode('INPUT').attr('placeholder', value);
xui.UI.Input.getTemplate().FRAME.BORDER.BOX.WRAP.INPUT.placeholder = '{placeholder}';
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Theme for individual widgets.

Is it possible to set it so a single widget will pull from a different root theme folder, or one that we can specify. For instance if I create a theme with multiple color options, and separate them into different sub folders can i have a widget call up a "theme/color" location to now load images specific to that color? We have tried the ways specified in the documentation & it tells how to set ...
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Widget grouping in RAD

I confused to use what's widget to input number/currency, and after some minutes I get NumberInput and CurrencyInput in group ComboInput.

I think number and currency input should in group "Input", so new user like me can found it easyly.

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Slow in code editor

CrossUI Desktop : If source code has more than 200 rows it runs slowly, I assume every we type character, CrossUI always check syntax. If yes, I think we need option to activate/deactivate syntax check in code writing.

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"Overflow" value list

I think it need list value using dropdown, the values are : visible, hidden, scroll, auto and inherited

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New property for custom decoration dialog

"Opacity" is important about beauty design. I can set it custom style, but if I modify custom decoration visually, this custom style is replaced by new value from custom decoration dialog.
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HTML Editor shortcut

I can use CTLR+B to bold text, CTRL+I to make italic but this shortcut didn't appear in icons.

I can use CTRL+C, CTRL+V to paste as HTML format and CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste as text format, but I don't get this shortcut in icons or tooltips.

HTML editor support table layout but I don't get icons to create table or manage table format.

I can insert link and remove link from toolbar but I can't edit ...
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