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location.protocol problem

I have a comprehensive web app developed in CrossUI Ver 1.4 that I want to also deploy as a desktop app. The location.protocol property, which in Ver 1.3 and earlier used to return "file:" when deployed as desktop app, now returns "chrome extension" when deployed as desktop app. Any idea what's going on?
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Cross UI SPA Builder 1.41 Mac Installation Problem

Target Install Machine: Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

I am unable to get Cross UI SPA Builder 1.41 installed on my Mac. I scoured the forum, cookbook, youtube and google for a straightfoward install guide.

I have CrossUI SPA Builder 1.41 running perfectly on my Windows 10 PC. That PC has the Java 8 112 SE and SDK 64-bit installed and I also took special care to put it at the root as "C:\crossui\" ...
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beforeHoverEffect problem

I have a treeGridControl inside a pane. The grid's beforeHoverEffect event fires when the mouse enters/leaves via the header area. Entering/leaving the grid from any of the other 3 sides doesn't fire the event.
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IE 11 anomolies

My app works fine with Chrome and also for the most part with IE. However, I'm having issues in IE (ver 11.18714393.0) related to treeview events, specifically with onMouseMove and onContext events. My app senses these events and launches a popup pane that has a grid with lines of data pertaining to the tree node. In IE, the popup has no data lines and I get the following error(s):

SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or ...
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Page loading animation and text

When the app is loading and before it starts, an animation "......" with a text line above it is displayed. How can I change the text and the animation image?
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Adding a Leaflet marker using a button on click event

Hi everybody

I'm wanting to expand on the leaflet example in the code snaps section here. --------------------- My project is here.

How can I add this code L.marker().addTo(map) to a buttons on click event in order to add a leaflet marker to the map using a button.

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Document Picture/Scan for iOS Cordova

Do you guys have or know any plugin that I could use to take pictures of a document that check quality of the picture and margins of the document? Something like CamScanner that I could add to my application?

Help will be really appreciated.


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Bug in treeView _oncontextmenu event

Event code:
_treeview_oncontextmenu:function (profile, e, src, item){
var ns = this, uictrl = profile.boxing();
var myNodeName =;

Both alerts display the correct value, then an error is generated:
"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined VM73 index.js?rand=1473776949886:1411"

I don't have this problem using the 'item' variable in other events, just in the _oncontectmenu event.
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Cross UI SPA Builder 1.4 Issues

For some reasons when I’m coding, some times without any reason the application close itself and I lost the unsafe code.
Some times I have problems when I instance a property of an array variable or call a function passing parameters and the application also close.

I'm using Windows 7 64bit as OS.

Thanks in advance for your help in this matter,

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Ver 1.4 problems

I'm having a lot of problems since I installed Ver 1.4 that have stalled my project. I don't want to get into details right now until I get back on track, but I want to go back to Ver 1.2. Is there a Win64 installation package for Ver 1.2 somewhere?
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