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Cross UI SPA Builder 1.4 Issues

For some reasons when I’m coding, some times without any reason the application close itself and I lost the unsafe code.
Some times I have problems when I instance a property of an array variable or call a function passing parameters and the application also close.

I'm using Windows 7 64bit as OS.

Thanks in advance for your help in this matter,

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Ver 1.4 problems

I'm having a lot of problems since I installed Ver 1.4 that have stalled my project. I don't want to get into details right now until I get back on track, but I want to go back to Ver 1.2. Is there a Win64 installation package for Ver 1.2 somewhere?
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Mouse right-click

How to detect it?
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I use cookies in my app. They were working fine until I upgraded to CrossUI Ver 1.4; now they don't work. I tried this code from the API documentation, which runs OK in the API documentation's demo 'run' environment, but doesn't work within my app under 1.4:

var o = xui.Cookies;

All my cookie code does work in versions of the app that I built under 1.2.

Can you advise?
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Launch debugger on app startup

I want to launch the debugger automatically when my app startup code executes, and then break on a line in that code. I tried putting a breakpoint in the startup code, but that doesn't work. I also tried adding a "debugger;" statement at the beginning of the startup code with no success. What's the proper way to launch the debugger at startup and have it break on a line in my startup code?
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SPA Builder 1.4 - Where's the debug icon?

I updated my IDE to SPA Builder 1.4 and a number of things have changed. The most prominent right now is that I no longer have the debug icon in the upper-right of the application window. How do I get into debug mode when my app is running in the IDE?
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Keypress Event

Is there an event that fires whenever any keyboard key is pressed, unrelated to any UI element? Can you show an example of how to include the code and how to read the value of the key that was pressed?

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How to automatically display browser scrollbars if the app size exceeds the browser window size?
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Menu Bar 'hidden' property

When a menu item's 'hidden' property is set to 'true', I would expect that menu item to not be displayed. It doesn't seem to work that way. How can I hide a menu item in code?
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Fusion Charts mouseover event

Can Fusion Charts generate mouseover events? I want to read the Category property of a data point when the mouse passes over.
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