bug with dock top and fill, with relative positioning

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bug with dock top and fill, with relative positioning

Postby algocrunch » Thu Nov 14, 2013 9:17 pm

Below is the designer code which shows the problem. There are 2 bugs:
1) You can see that when the group is collapsed, the tree grid does not shift up to fill the space.
2) Making the tree grid dock=fill adds scroll bars, but since the dock is fill there shouldn't be scroll bars because there should be no overflow.

Code: Select all
// The default code is a com class (inherited from xui.Com)
Class('App', 'xui.Com',{
    // Ensure that all the value of "key/value pair" does not refer to external variables
        // To initialize instance(e.g. properties)
        initialize : function(){
            // To determine whether or not the com will be destroyed, when the first UI control be destroyed
            this.autoDestroy = true;
            // To initialize properties
            this.properties = {};
        // To initialize internal components (mostly UI controls)
        // *** If you're not a skilled, dont modify this function manually ***
        iniComponents : function(){
            // [[Code created by CrossUI RAD Tools
            var host=this, children=[], append=function(child){children.push(child.get(0));};
            append((new xui.UI.Dialog())
            host.ctl_dialog2.append((new xui.UI.Pane())
            .setCustomStyle({"KEY":{"background-color":"#D2691E", "$gradients":""}})
            host.ctl_pane6.append((new xui.UI.SLabel())
            .setCaption("SEARCH IN APPNAME")
            host.ctl_pane6.append((new xui.UI.Input())
            host.ctl_pane6.append((new xui.UI.SButton())
            host.ctl_dialog2.append((new xui.UI.Group())
            host.ctl_dialog2.append((new xui.UI.TreeGrid())
            .setHeader([{"id":"col1", "width":80, "type":"input", "caption":"col1"}, {"id":"col2", "width":80, "type":"input", "caption":"col2"}, {"id":"col3", "width":80, "type":"input", "caption":"col3"}, {"id":"col4", "width":80, "type":"input", "caption":"col4"}])
            .setRows([{"cells":[{"value":"row1 col1", "id":"c_a"}, {"value":"row1 col2", "id":"c_b"}, {"value":"row1 col3", "id":"c_c"}, {"value":"row1 col4", "id":"c_d"}], "id":"d"}, {"cells":[{"value":"row2 col1", "id":"c_e"}, {"value":"row2 col2", "id":"c_f"}, {"value":"row2 col3", "id":"c_g"}, {"value":"row2 col4", "id":"c_h"}], "id":"e"}, {"cells":[{"value":"row3 col1", "id":"c_i"}, {"value":"row3 col2", "id":"c_j"}, {"value":"row3 col3", "id":"c_k"}, {"value":"row3 col4", "id":"c_l"}], "sub":[["sub1", "sub2", "sub3", "sub4"]], "id":"f"}])
            return children;
            // ]]Code created by CrossUI RAD Tools
        // Give a chance to load other com
        iniExComs : function(com, threadid){
        // Give a chance to determine which UI controls will be appended to parent container
        customAppend : function(parent, subId, left, top){
            // "return false" will cause all the internal UI controls will be added to the parent panel
            return false;
        // This instance's events
        events : {},
        _ctl_sbutton1_onclick : function (profile, e, src, value) {
            var uictrl = profile.boxing();
            xui.alert("hi","I'm " + uictrl.getAlias());
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Re: bug with dock top and fill, with relative positioning

Postby support » Fri Nov 15, 2013 3:48 am

Fixed, please checkout the latest version from SVN: http://crossui.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/xui1.0/
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