CrossUI SPA Builder 2.0 is released

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CrossUI SPA Builder 2.0 is released

Postby support » Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:02 pm

The CrossUI team is delighted to announce the release of CrossUI SPA Builder 2.0!

Demos: ... index.html ... index.html ... index.html ... index.html ... index.html

You can go to to download them.


Version 2.0 is NOT compatible with older versions

1)Remove '_' namespace (merged '_' to 'xui');
2)Move 'NameSpace' to xui.NameSpace;
3)Removed some widgets: Range/Poll/TagEditor/ColLayout/Calendar/TimeLine;
4)Removed themes 'aqua','blackwhite'; added themes 'classic' and 'webflat'.
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