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Postby tomy300 » Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:20 am


I just want to thanks the founder of crossui. it''s was time to build something to compete with Silverlight,Adobe Flex, Java, Flash
I'm impress about the speed of the client side.

I'm pretty a newbie at CrossUI, I'm a php programmer and I use most of the time Jquery, mysql, I tried many framework MVC and there always some limitation.

for now here my review and recommendation.

1- I love the way to develop anywhere.
2- Syntax seem easy to use.
3- Like a lot the doc, can run the code sample +1
4- The editor intellisense is great
5- Great support.

Con :
1- Learning curve is slow, didn't found the example page the first time I went to the main page.
2- In the editor, help on keyword would be great, like VB like F1 on particuliar keyword popup the help for this function.
3- I didn't be impress by the theme, I think the pic resolution in the theme is too low and it's why it look blury, I know that I could change it myself but a new theme that make every widget look like ordinary control will do the job (vb control example nothing fancy look like a desktop app)
4- the code snipet is cool and I learn a lot by sample like this, more sample would be nice , or video sample.

don't be upset, it's was just my point of view.

My goal is to clone one of my project an invoice app,

It generate PDF from the screen, so I need to pass all input to server side to generate the pdf and finaly send a copy of the file to my customer and backup it into a DB
I use table for my original app... so suggestion on witch widget to use. Can I use a widget into a div or html? how to pass the all the field value to the server.
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Re: CrossUI

Postby linb » Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:16 am

Thanks for your suggestions, We will gradually improve.
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