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CrossUI Email Address Broken

Your email address is no longer working. Emails are being bounced back. Please correct.
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Advanced Folding Tabs Control Loses Component Alias Names


I have a very large 1.4.2 SPA and I consistently have bugs with the Advanced Folding Tabs Control. If I add new Tabs, resize, or rename existing Tabs, it resets all of the components on all of the Tabs back to generic component default names. For example: xui_ui_checkbox1523. This specific control has a few hundred controls and renaming them back is both tedious and prone to error. Is this a known bug? Is it ...
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templates not working on new project or new page

I can only seem to be able to create a blank project.
When I press on the different examples they don't work (no response).
I ran the debugger and see this:

index.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined
at Object._btn_apply_onclick (index.js:1)
at Object._ctl_gallery_onitemselected (index.js:1)
at Function.tryF (xui.js:9)
at fun (xui.js:9)
at Object.f (xui.js:9)
at onClick (index.js:1)
at f (xui.js:9)
at Function.Constructor (xui.js:9)
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CrossUI editor problem on reload


I downloaded the latest crossUI 2.0 and am running on the Mac.
I'm having an issue where crossui runs well when I create a project. But if I exit crossUI and try to run it at a later time, I can load the project but the editor shows an empty screen with no components ... as if I started from scratch. When I look at the code, the code is correct and hasn't changed. ...
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Please explain Version 2.0 is NOT compatible with older vers

This is not a very clear comment

Please explain in detail. How do I migrate 'old' projects as a lot has changed.


Update: I have found many of the changes in older files i.e. ._xxxxx code is now xui.xxxxx. _arr _each.

Are any of the templates or examples converted / rewritten in V2? I have added a few new pages and they look like V1.4 templates. Still have the screen dimensions at the bottom ...
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Move/Switch Workspace not saved

Changes to the workspace are not saved and need to be set on every restart of the program

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Licence Key not saved

Just installed V2, entered licence key and it was accepted.

Restart application and licence key has not been saved.

Tried entering it then editing a project, all saved. Still no licence key saved.

Windows10, 64 bit.

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Cross UI SPA Builder 1.41 Mac Installation Problem

Target Install Machine: Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

I am unable to get Cross UI SPA Builder 1.41 installed on my Mac. I scoured the forum, cookbook, youtube and google for a straightfoward install guide.

I have CrossUI SPA Builder 1.41 running perfectly on my Windows 10 PC. That PC has the Java 8 112 SE and SDK 64-bit installed and I also took special care to put it at the root as "C:\crossui\" ...
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IE 11 anomolies

My app works fine with Chrome and also for the most part with IE. However, I'm having issues in IE (ver 11.18714393.0) related to treeview events, specifically with onMouseMove and onContext events. My app senses these events and launches a popup pane that has a grid with lines of data pertaining to the tree node. In IE, the popup has no data lines and I get the following error(s):

SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or ...
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Bug in treeView _oncontextmenu event

Event code:
_treeview_oncontextmenu:function (profile, e, src, item){
var ns = this, uictrl = profile.boxing();
var myNodeName =;

Both alerts display the correct value, then an error is generated:
"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined VM73 index.js?rand=1473776949886:1411"

I don't have this problem using the 'item' variable in other events, just in the _oncontectmenu event.
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