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ComboList Control

Assume an existing populated ComboList; Can you show examples of:

1) Add an item to the list
2) Remove an item from the list
3) Clear the list
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Real code version

Can anyone write this out as normal code. I can't get the syntax right as it is a window in a window and refuses to accept "main"

xui.ComFactory.newCom("App.userPrefs",function(){ ????????????????

The code auto generated work a treat (shown below) I know I don't need the conditions part


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Panel user stretchable

I have a panel that contains a grid control. I want the user to be able to stretch the panel's width and height and the grid size should follow to fill the panel. Is there a property for this?
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templates not working on new project or new page

I can only seem to be able to create a blank project.
When I press on the different examples they don't work (no response).
I ran the debugger and see this:

index.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined
at Object._btn_apply_onclick (index.js:1)
at Object._ctl_gallery_onitemselected (index.js:1)
at Function.tryF (xui.js:9)
at fun (xui.js:9)
at Object.f (xui.js:9)
at onClick (index.js:1)
at f (xui.js:9)
at Function.Constructor (xui.js:9)
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CrossUI editor problem on reload


I downloaded the latest crossUI 2.0 and am running on the Mac.
I'm having an issue where crossui runs well when I create a project. But if I exit crossUI and try to run it at a later time, I can load the project but the editor shows an empty screen with no components ... as if I started from scratch. When I look at the code, the code is correct and hasn't changed. ...
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Please explain Version 2.0 is NOT compatible with older vers

This is not a very clear comment

Please explain in detail. How do I migrate 'old' projects as a lot has changed.


Update: I have found many of the changes in older files i.e. ._xxxxx code is now xui.xxxxx. _arr _each.

Are any of the templates or examples converted / rewritten in V2? I have added a few new pages and they look like V1.4 templates. Still have the screen dimensions at the bottom ...
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Move/Switch Workspace not saved

Changes to the workspace are not saved and need to be set on every restart of the program

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Licence Key not saved

Just installed V2, entered licence key and it was accepted.

Restart application and licence key has not been saved.

Tried entering it then editing a project, all saved. Still no licence key saved.

Windows10, 64 bit.

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File Upload IAjax

I am unable to get IAjax to upload a file. I have tried regular Ajax with the File Combo box but that doesnt work for web application. I'm using the IAjax example from the Cookbook in chapter 4.5.2 page 109. I have over 20,000 lines of code so I'm only posting the sections that are specific to this issue. Basically, the "if(file)" condition is always false.

.setCaption("STEP 1: ...
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