Build fully interactive experiences without writing one line of code

Create code into Github repository directly

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CrossUI No-Code App Builder enables anyone (no software developer required) to Create Interactive Apps Without Coding

Prototype, develop and package the exactly same code into Web Apps, Native Desktop (Windows, Linux and Mac) Apps, as well as Mobile Apps

Drag & Drop to Create

Just "drag" an object and "drop" it to the desired location, no code knowledge required, build code-free UI in minutes

Enable users to create customized reusable modules, which have the same DnD function as the built-in widgets

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100+ Editable UI Widgets

Buttons, Inputs, Containers, Binders, List, Tabs, Dialog, TreeGrid, Shapes, Diagrams, Charts...

Hundreds of properties for users to config those widgets

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Interaction and Animation

Interactions can be added through dozens of event actions

Animation can be easily configured without coding

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Templates and Icons

With project and page templates, you don't have to build app from scratch

Built-in tons of free icons for your various application scenarios

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There are 10+ build-in themes to choose from - vista, classic, webflat, moonify etc.

Users can custom theme with the Theme Roller easily

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Remote Service Caller

To call Remote Service EndPoint without coding

XML, SOAP and REST web services are supported

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Publish Anywhere

CrossUI can publish wide cross-browser compatibility web app

And, CrossUI desktop version can publish project to native app on Windows, Linux and Mac PC/Laptop/Mobile

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Code Editor

A powerful Code Editor for code-gurus

With Syntax Highlighting, Code folding, Code Completion , Syntax Check, Undo/Redo, and 30+ color schemes

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You can integrate the CrossUI Embeddable Designer into your own application,
which exported APIs and Events allows developers to customize it flexibly

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A dashboard built by CrossUI without coding

View it
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Order Management

A real code-free case adapted from one of our enterprise customers

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Mobile Address Book demo

View it
example4 image


A online service flowchart demo

View it
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Chart Switching

Switch chart type dynamically

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Sandbox Themes

Applying sandbox theme to any container

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Doing CRUD interactions with back-end / database

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example9 image

A Survey

A prototype for a survey app

View it
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Desktop Version Download

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Windows 64bit Installer

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Windows 64bit Package

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Linux 64bit Package

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OSX 64bit Package

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Explore the benefits of the no code app builder

You no longer need to hire an app developer to create an application for you. Create a fully interactive and responsive application without writing a single line of code with CrossUI Front-end Builder. It’s much faster, easier and more fun to do app development without coding. Just choose the necessary template, modify all the elements you need and launch. Whether you need to create an interactive prototype, database management app or build a management information system, you can do it with the Cross UI app builder within several days.

What you can do with CrossUI no code app builder

If you hired a developer, you would have spent as much time explaining the concept as it took you to do it yourself with CrossUI. With CrossUI, every person who is familiar with business logic can build an application. Just make sure that your data can be stored in a database, entered with a form and displayed in common charts, tables, or rows. Our builder has an easy-to-navigate menu and a set of features that will allow you to design and build your application within a few days. Just create what you imagine. Here are the things you can do with the CrossUI builder:
  • - Use built-in templates relevant to the type of application you want to build.
  • - Drag and drop the objects to the desired location.
  • - Use and edit 100+ UI widgets. Among them are buttons, inputs, lists, tabs, shapes, diagrams, charts and others.
  • - Create customized reusable modules.
  • - Bring in interaction by using events actions that can be easily configured.
  • - Call Remote Service EndPoint. No coding is required.
  • - Publish your app where you want, on any desktop (Linux, Windows, Mac PC/Mobile), or any website.
  • - Embed the WYSIWYG designer, our designer product, into the application you already have. The exported APIs and Events offer customization flexibility to developers.

Benefits of no code apps

Create an app without coding to quickly get custom solutions to your business needs. According to a Quick Base report, no code app builders can help save money, increase productivity, and work efficiency. Use CrossUI to save time and remain 100% focused on your business. It is especially beneficial for small businesses that don’t require complex solutions. If you need to organize inventory information, keep track of your business contacts, manage customer data, you can do it with an app, developed with an app builder specifically for your case. CrossUI front-end builder has a user-friendly dashboard and admin panel that make updates a breeze. You can entirely customize your application's behavior without writing code. Its API tools allow connecting apps to your own back-end software. The library of pre-built application elements reduce development time and accelerate production. CrossUI builder can be used for commercial projects as well as non-profit ones. If you are a student who wants to learn how to create an app with no coding, or if you have personal, not-for-profit projects, we can offer you a license at a special price. Check out our prices on the Purchase page. Keep in mind, that each license is bound to one PC only. If you are interested in reselling our products, please contact our sales department. Build an app without code which is powerful enough to support your most ambitious ideas!